System Requirements

These system requirements define the minimum requirements for all products.

Software requirements:
Operating system
  • Platform:
    • CentOS:CentOS 7, 8 and Stream 8
    • Ubuntu:Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and 20.04 LTS
    • Fedora:Fedora 29 and 30

    The Flowwatch does not support running the previous Linux versions. Linux versions later than the above list may not support running the Flowwatch. We will continue testing other later versions and updating the list. Please ensure your operating system before you buy/run the Flowwatch.

  • Linux-64-bit
  • Kernel version:3.10 or later
  • need systemd
Docker version Docker CE 19
Hardware requirements:
CPU Quad core processor or better
Hard drive space 60 GB minimum
Memory 8 GB minimum
Others USB interface required
High-speed Internet Connection