Q & A

How to run Flowwatch in my docker?
First, please make sure you have installed the Docker program on your local machine; see the instructions for guidance.
Can I run the Flowviewer with Docker on Windows?
No, the Docker image is designed for Linux.
We strongly suggest that you should not try to run the image on Windows.
Where is the hardware authenticator being shipped from?
The hardware authenticator is being sent from our company in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
When will my item be shipped?
We aim to get items shipped out within 48 hours after you completed the EMS item label.
Please be aware that depending on what time your order is paid for it may take slightly longer (also please remember that we are in the Taiwan Standard Time (TST) time zone).
Can you mark a lower price on the shipping invoice?
We are sorry, but declaring lower values on packages is against shipping regulations.